The winner of multiple international exhibitions in the United States, Europe, and Asia, the Presidential is the billiard table of choice by many A-list celebrities in the the United States, as well as the elite the world over to adorn billiard rooms in their magnificent estates. The Presidential billiard table is also featured in several blockbuster Hollywood movies as a part of the set decoration.

The Presidential Billiard Table is a world apart from other billiard tables. The Presidential’s regal design includes the following: expensive and rare hardwood, a steel frame, top-of-the-line billiard cloth, and a heating and moisture control system. These elements taken together lend an air of the ‘aristocratic’ to a billiard room.

To decorate the table, the manufacturer relies on a combinations of different types of woods and tones. However, if you love the table but prefer a more solid color, that is also an option we can provide. And to finish it off, we will coat the table in a gorgeous, sparkling vitriform seal.

A worthy addition to any game rec room or private study, the ‘Presidential’ is so lovely, it is already considered a collector’s item to some as its quality guarantees it to be a family heirloom.

Special features
Some key features of the construction of the ‘Presidential’ billiard table include:
  • a manufacturer performed 100 % control: technically justified metal – wood construction guarantees not only stability during humidity-induced changes of environment, but also a perfect roll-of-ball and bounce.
  • top-of-the-line materials in every inch of the table.
  • a slate alignment system in the bottom of table. This feature allows the owner to adjust easily any laxities of playing are which can be caused by seasonal changes of building construction.
  • optional temperature and humidity control system to guarantee the best possible game you can ever experience.

The table can be customized and manufactured for pool, snooker, carom, or Russian Pyramid games.