Senator Russian Snooker Pyraid Pool Table

POSEIDON EXTRA Russian Pyramid Snooker Pool Tables


Would you like to become the architect of your own billiard table? Here is an opportunity for you to participate in the creation of your dream billiard table!

You can craft the table using our specially-made program from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Some of the choices you get to make include:

  • the selection of a desired cushion edging
  • the design of the pockets
  • decisions about the frame decor
  • the design of the legs chosen from the multiple options available
  • selecting your favorite color for the wood and cloth

This table has been tested during the world championship for Russian Pyramid and found to be of the highest quality. Additionally, the Poseidon Extra was selected as an official table of the tournament and recognized and awarded with the ICP certificate.

The table can be customized and manufactured for pool, snooker, or Russian Pyramid games.