Senator Russian Snooker Pyraid Pool Table



Dream bigger! Imagine the possibility of escaping for a simple round of billiards without leaving your home. Now it is possible…..and all right there in the comfort of your own dining room. PRONTO can give you just that: it is a billiard, work, and dining table all in one! Yet, it is still very stylish, comfortable, and functionally practical.

Similar to the other tables we offer, you can choose many aspects of the design for this table. In this way, the table can be customized to fit your needs. Use a combination of the hardwood, steel, and glass to create a unique and beautiful slate billiard table that compliments the decor of your house.

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Storage solutions

Look no further for a great deal. No need to sacrifice the limited space in your house– just a great piece of furniture that will make your friends and neighbors wish they had one like that too!

The specially-designed frame allows PRONTO to resemble an ordinary dining room table. But this table is so much more. We suggest you get the matching chairs and light fixture to finish the set. With all this, you will find yourself ready to host a party that is truly memorable for in simply a few, short minutes, the PRONTO can be transformed into a great-looking billiard table for the after party fun! All you need do is take the table top off, push it into a specially-designed storage space underneath, and enjoy your game. Our table even has a ball-collecting mechanism inside the table, so you do not have to worry about lost balls or where to put them each time you make it into the pocket.

This billiard table can be manufactured for American Pool, English Pool, Snooker, Russian Pyramid game.