EGYPTIAN Marble Pool Table

All Dining Room Pool Tables are Solid Wood & CUSTOM Built.

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Quality One of a Kind Marble Pool Tables

Our chief builders great-grandfather marbled three timeless cathedrals in Palermo, Sicily. This family legacy is a fourth and fifth generation Italian marble artist/craftsmen, who still produce award-winning sculpture and décor. Our most popular works include matching pool, billiard, poker, chess, and gaming tables, as well as coffee tables, cigar humidors and other accessories made from rare, natural stone.

An eight foot, leather-pocket table weighs about 1,000 pounds with slate. The marble however, appears megalithic. It is impervious to all but a hammer. It will not fade, warp or decay. The marble is polished to 8,500 grit/ and will never need refinishing. A passing hand does not feel sights.  No varnish or plastic coating is ever used. These are NOT mass-produced “cookie-cutter” tables. Each table is custom made according to the client’s preference. Any size pool or billiard table, 7-foot, 8-foot, 9-foot and snooker sizes are possible. The base and sights can be illuminated using translucent onyx stones. Also, custom monograms or logos can be in-laid into the stone, as well as a custom logo or crest on the felt if desired.

Our craftsmen also have years of extensive furniture knowledge, proven construction techniques yielding exquisite pool tables, we take great pride in tables that are handcrafted with expert accuracy and loving care. Unique pieces of art that are built tough and are as reliable as quality furniture from yesteryear. We are not a production company and proud of it!  Custom design mixed with state of the art techniques in order to create that perfect marble pool table for you.  Let us provide the marble billiards table of your dreams to compliment the perfect living area!

We have BCA certified installers in all 50 states, and if you already have an one in mind we are more than happy to work with them as well.

You Pick the Style and We Will Deliver the Dream!