Cracking or Checking?
“Season Checking” or cracks are a natural characteristic of all rustic furniture.  Season checking happens naturally during the drying process of the logs or timbers.  These cracks or season checks, will vary from log to log and from timber to timber.  Some cracks will be wider than others.  Some will be hardly noticable at all.  Typically, the larger the diameter of the log or timber, the larger the cracks and season checking will be.  Season checking does not affect the structural integrity of the furniture made from it.  All our rustic furniture products are covered by a lifetime warranty.  This is a warranty that protects you from defects in material and workmanship.  Season checking is not considered a defect and is not subject to this warranty.

Season checking tends to be radial, or from the center of the log, cracking outward in one direction only and often spiralling around the log or timber.  Season checking very rarely cracks through the entire log or timber.  Season checking adds natural character and beauty to every piece of rustic furniture.